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Mit studievalg

I have been studying in Copenhagen since 2015. My degree in Marketing Management from CPH Business Academy made me realize that though I am very interested in business and economics I would like to know more about the issues societies are faced with today. Marketing was an interesting line of study, but I wanted something more. I was intrigued by historical discussions and philosophy therefore the natural choice was to study something related to social sciences.

When choosing my study program, I was not too much concerned with the topics that we will learn about. I was more curious about the culture of the study line. I heard that International Business and Politics (IBP) has the one of the best study cultures in CBS. People always help each other out and we are definitely the most social program too. To me this was more important than what I will actually study as I believe there are very interesting subjects in other study lines too.

Mit studie

IBP connects two different subjects (business and politics) which traditional business administration or traditional political science courses keep separate. I believe that we live in a world where employers are increasingly seeking after people who can think outside of the box and consider different perspectives. This is what you will learn at IBP, which you would not normally be thought at programmes with only one line of focus. We learn to analyze how businesses operate and manage in the political environment.

As I mentioned earlier the best thing about my programme is the amazing study culture we have. We all help each other out, we know that each and everyone of us has different strengths and we are not afraid to ask if we do not understand something. My study group is very active and we prepare for all exams together that is also one of the main reasons I very much enjoy student life.

Mine råd

Decide what is important for you during your studies. It can be that you want to be involved in all organizations and social events, party a lot, have an amazing study job, or just take it easy and enjoy student life etc. Whatever it is which is important to you you can align your expectations for yourself and then if others are doing different things, just let them. We all have different expectations and dreams, do not compare yourself to others.