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My choice

Already before starting high school, I had a plan to study business. My initial plan was to study in my home country, however after working two years in Copenhagen in an international environment, it wasn’t a hard decision to stay here.

After I met some students who had studied at CBS and learned more about the school and its international environment, it felt like a right decision to apply. I made some research about CBS and the English programs the school has to offer. I got caught by SEM from the beginning, mainly as I have an interest of the industry of my concentration, but also the broadness of the program and the courses attracted me.
Now, after two years of studying I am glad that I chose to study Service management at CBS.

My programme

SEM gives you a full understanding of economics and business in general, and gives you a good fundament for your future studies and career. In the beginning, I was surprised by the fast pace of the quarter system. Now, however, I find the quarter system the best way to learn as you normally focus on two courses at the same time. This means that you rarely have more than two exams during the same exam period.

I find the balance of economic, business and specialization courses good. Normally during a semester, we have three courses all SEM together and one course that is specialization specific. During the specialization courses we go more in depth with the challenges of the industries and use the tools we learned to overcome problems.

My advice

Make proper research of the content of the program and think twice before choosing.

Participate in the intro activities.

It is important to have a good balance with studying, social life and work. In order to achieve that, time management is essential from day one.