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My choice

After my high school degree in Germany, I decided to spend a year abroad and spend some time in both France and New Zealand, learning the languages and working in Marketing, Sales and Tourism. I have enjoyed the international environment so much that I was not ready to go back to my home country yet and was on the lookout for universities that are international and offer a degree that combines my interests in business and cultures. With Business, Language & Culture at CBS, I found what I was looking for. I feel as if my Bachelor’s degree has provided me with a great foundation for my Masters and has given me a good understanding of the international business environment. I really enjoyed working with international students and learning more about the Danish culture. I remember having a lot of troubles with all sorts of administrative tasks in the beginning, but otherwise I adapted quite quickly to my studies here and was able to make friends. A great way to do so was joining student organizations and getting involved in things I was curious about.

My programme

Business, Language and Culture is a rather broad programme, as it combines business, politics, culture and a foreign language. If you are only interested in one of these areas, BLC might not be the right choice for you. It is also important to say that the business part is definitely the most prevalent part in the programme. I have often seen people that were primarily interested in culture and language that were unhappy with the large amount of business courses. For me, the combination of different areas of studies was a perfect fit as I have quite broad interests and wanted to learn about the international business environment from several angles. The most exciting thing was to see how everything fit together in the final year. Understanding different cultures and having a good oversight of international and political issues that impact the business world was the main take away for me from BLC. It has helped me communicate business more easily to someone who is from a different background and made it easier to understand someone else’s approach to a problem, however different it might be. I have enjoyed the fact that I was able to continue with my French studies and felt there was a great community in the language classes of BLC. The thing that was most helpful for my studies was finding someone I wrote all my projects and regularly studied with. I would recommend everyone to find a study partner or group – it makes the difficult subjects bearable and gives you more confidence in your approach to certain exams.

My advice

Engage in the social activities at CBS and join student organizations

Choose a Bachelor Study that aligns with your personal interests and professional aspirations

Find a study partner