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Mit studievalg

It came to me around two years before I had to graduate high school that it’s high time to choose a place to study. Since the beginning, I knew I wanted to study abroad and when someone mentioned Copenhagen as a destination, I was quite interested to check it out.

I come from a family of economists and businessmen and it was quite natural for me to apply for a such a degree. With the limitations of bachelor programs in Denmark studied in English, I have decided that CBS is the best choice for me. When choosing my priorities, I looked at the degrees I found interesting and thus I put Shipping and Trade as my 1st priority and Service Management as my second. Long story short, I didn’t get in Shipping and Trade, but now that a year passed I am certainly really happy with how the things worked out!

Mit studie

My first year started pretty fast and by the end of October I have already submitted my first exam in Qualitative Methods (Methods I). Thanks to the teachers and the other students, we were able to reduce anxiety and be prepared for our exam. It was so early in the semester because of the quarter structure that is quite popular in Denmark. You year goes normally in the following way: 1 ½ month lectures, two weeks break (you probably have 1 or 2 exams), 1 ½ month lectures, two weeks break (and exams) and so on… Which leaves you with quite some time to travel, but it also insists that you are present and dedicated during those 6 weeks of lectures. There are mainly three different exam types: oral, 4h written sit-in and home assignment (24h/48h/72h).

Mine råd

My first advice is in regard to choosing your university/program. Look at the hidden things that draw your interest or you are picky about. I have always had a comment on service in general and I have always been the type of guys who would take a worse product just because of the nicer service and thus studying Service Management is a match for me!


Third one is: Practice time management! Really important for the quarter structure and essential for the written sit-ins where you have 4h in which you need to show your knowledge and argument yourself without many sacrifices.

In “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” the author mentions the importance of starting with the end in mind and I definitely agree with him. Choosing the direction of your Masters early on gives you a much more productive way of working before and throughout the Bachelors, so see whether something pops as an idea!