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Mit studievalg

Why I have chosen CBS is because of all the great opportunities it offers to all young, ambitious students, and to any person with passion for business and career development.

The Service Management program is ready to provide you with all the theoretical knowledge once would need to kickstart its business understanding, well elaborated with practical examples and real world cases. The study flow could be overwhelming sometimes but “without pain there is no gain”!
I have chosen the program because of the broad use of services in business, every single company has its service side – if not fully service oriented.

SEM program is a great opportunity to create new friendships and social connections. Your social life won’t be left behind and that’s for sure – there are so many events and outing going on, the only thing which takes to be part of it it’s the willingness to socialize.

Mit studie

The program is great! Many would criticize all the theories we learn and all the math and economy, but you can’t make bricks without straw.

The program is the best match for someone who would like to get a full understanding of the economy and business in general and afterwards build all the segments making you brilliant working with services, and not only.

A big surprise for me was the depth of some courses comparing to other programs. For example there could be an economy courses involving a lot of math and dedication to really get it, where in other programs would be just touched upon. However, if you are interested in what you do, you would always find your way out with the best outcome possible from the course.

Mine råd

Think twice if your education is suitable for your future plan

Do your research well, as what kind of courses you would have in the program, so you can make the right choice

Be prepared for something different from gymnasium or work which requires adaptation, determination, consistency and patience.