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Kontakt mig

Mit studievalg

I chose to study at CBS because I had heard good things about the school. I chose between CBS and Stockholm School of Economics because I wanted to go to a good school. I ended up choosing CBS because it felt like a very modern international school and I really like Copenhagen as a city.


The academic content was very important as well, because I didn´t want too much economics but a high emphasis on languages. All the programs I looked at in the different schools in Sweden had one language that you could ad to your studies, however; most of the programs were in Swedish. At my program Business, Language and Culture I got both English AND Spanish, something that I really wanted.


I did not have any specific expectations before starting at CBS, though; I was very pleasantly surprised. We were very well taken care of by our fresh guides during the intro and to my relief there were a majority of people that didn´t know anyone and were just as eager to make new friends as me. What I had not expected was that because there were so many international students most of the people were younger than me (I took to gap years and they did not).

Mit studie

The most exciting thing about my program is the chance to go on an exchange semester to a country where they speak the language we are thought. For the BLC students it is expected that we go abroad (although not mandatory) and we get special treatment, meaning that we do not have to compete with the rest of the school for a spot and the process requires a lot less paperwork.


The most challenging part of the program would be that you have subjects in both language, economics AND culture (where you write many essays) and it is very rare that you are good in all those different fields, meaning it can be a bit harder to get good grades. If you were to study “just” economics you would have some similarities in the different subjects, although the amount of time you spend actually studying will probably be the same.


What I really love about my program is the amount of influence we as students have through the study board. They really do listen and they change teachers or exams form so the students coming after us won’t have the same problems.


I was surprised about how many international students we were in my program. I think it is one of the most international Bachelors at CBS and I feel very luck to be in a class where everyone speaks English all the time. I know that is not always the case in many programs or even classes in my program so that is something one should be prepared of.

Mine råd

If you come as an international student and want to apply to CBS remember to check the specific requirements for your country because they vary a lot, for instance; Swedish people are required to take an English test before coming something that I almost missed because I didn´t find the information in time.

As so many big cities in Scandinavia it can be really hard to find a place to live so sign up on the dorm list and start looking before you are even admitted. You can also check if there is a Facebook page for you fellow countrymen living in Copenhagen that can help you.

Join a student organisation! There are many and it is a great way of meeting people from other programs.